Six Government Colleges, twenty Non-Government Aided Colleges and Goa University are coming under the Administrative and Financial control of them Directorate of Higher Education.


Various Benifits through Education.



Brief documentation about Directorate of Higher Education.


The following functions/schemes are carried out/implemented by the directorate:

1. Release of Grants to Goa University:

 The grants are released to Goa University on various items of expenditure to carry out ongoing infrastructure development projects in the University campus and also new projects/schemes.

2. Establishment of Government Colleges:

 The State Government have five Government Colleges at the degree level in faculty of Arts, Science and Commerce and Home Science with an aim to encourage the degree colleges coming up in remote areas of the state so as to promote Higher Education, in the backward areas.

 3. Recurring Grants to Non-Government Colleges:

 The non-Government Colleges are paid grants to meet its recurring expenditure as per the Pattern of Assistance.

 4. Assistance under Higher Education Promotion Fund (HEPF) (under M.H. 6202):

 The fund by the name of “Higher Educational Promotion Fund” (HEPF) has been separately provided by the Government. All financial assistance sanctioned under this scheme is paid out of this fund. The funds are provided under Major Head 6202 loans through HEPF to Goa Education Development Corporation (GEDC) for implementation of Interest Free Education Loan Scheme.

5. Goa College of Music (Under M.H. 2205):

The Goa college of music who is initially funded by Kala Academy is now under the control of this Directorate. The College is affiliated to Goa University and is imparting Professional training in Indian Classical Music. The necessary provision was made for various items of expenditure for this college.

 6. Goa Scholars:

The main objective of the “Goa Scholar Scheme” was to promote the pursuit of post graduate studies by younger population of Goa, with a view to ensure that economic conditions and financial difficulties do not come in the way of such pursuit and to assist the meritorious students by way of awarding scholarship to undertake post graduate studies in institutions of proven excellence in India and Abroad.

7. Annuity contribution to Goa State Infrastructure Development corporation:

The Government have introduced the scheme to finance non-Government aided colleges for the purpose of maintenance and up-gradation of the existing facilities.

The scheme in question envisages provision for better infrastructure facilities like construction of new building/extension of existing building/renovation, provision of toilets/construction of play grounds etc. thereby creating conducive atmosphere for learners. The special preference is given to the colleges those which are come from under-developed Talukas.

8. Scheme for grant of Interest Free Loan for Higher Education:

 This is launched by the Government in the year 2002-03 and the said scheme was implemented by this department for the last 3 years upto 2004-05.

The scheme envisaged for grant of interest free loan to Goan students for pursuing higher/technical education courses at the undergraduate and post graduate level in India and abroad and the same was approved by the cabinet. Although now the scheme is transferred to Goa Education Development Corporation, Porvorim, for follow up action if any and implementation accordingly. However, the recovery for already granted loan is still done by this department.

The scheme provides a loan to the needy students who are deprived of further studies due to financial crunch/constraints. The loan is disbursed to take up the study within the country as well as aboard.

 9. Centrally sponsored scheme:

 The scheme is sponsored by UGC for infrastructure development of the colleges. The scheme is totally funded by UGC and no state share is involved.

 10. Cyberage Students scheme:

 The scheme “Cyberage Students scheme” implemented by this directorate is for the extended coverage of the scheme already implemented by Directorate of Education.

Under this scheme, computers are provided to the students enrolled in any degree course and institution located in the Goa who are in their 13 th year of study and beyond as per the categories drawn under the circular of this directorate.

 11. Financial Assistance For Higher Education/Technical Education in Professional
        Institutions of Repute in India:

 In recent years Goa has witnessed a sizeable good number of students pursuing their studies in national institutions of repute such as Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, etc. Quite often it is observed that these meritorious students find it difficult to meet the expenses involved in pursuing their studies in these institutions. The basic objective of this scheme is therefore, to recognize the merit of such students in general and to provide deserving students financial assistance to continue with their academic pursuits.

The Scheme envisages the selection of all such meritorious students who have sought admissions in the institutions of national repute.

The Scheme lays down the procedure to be followed for the selection of such meritorious students.

The scheme will be managed by the Directorate of Higher Education through “HIGHER EDUCATION PROMOTION FUND(HEPF)” that has been established by the government by for grant of Interest Free Loan, Goa Scholars scholarship etc. to eligible candidates.

 12. Public Service: Authentication
        Designated Officer: Under Secretary (Higher Education)
        Time Limit: Fifteen working days
        Appellate Authority: Director of Higher Education